I’m sure you are wondering …

This is a place you can look for books to buy me as gifts, because I haven’t bought them myself … yet.

George Washington’s Secret Six by Brian Kilmeade
Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism by Ronald J. Pestritto
Seven Events That Made America America by Larry Schweikart
Gideon’s War by Howard Gordon

Joel C Rosenberg –
The Ezekiel Option
The Copper Scroll
Dead Heat
The Twelfth Imam
The Tehran Initiative
Damascus Countdown
The Auschwitz Escape
The Third Target
The First Hostage
Without Warning
The Kremlin Conspiracy
The Persian Gamble
The Jerusalem Assassin
The Beirut Protocol

David Horowitz –
The Black Book of the American Left – Volumes 3 – 9

In the Garden of Beasts

At the insistence of Glenn Beck, I finally read In the Garden of Beasts. I have to say, it wasn’t full of revelations for me, but it was an interesting look into some Americans living in the early days of Nazi Germany.

The thing that was the most interesting to me was how much the Nazis were in control of the culture so quickly. For some reason, I didn’t really think of the culture being so dominated by the Nazis before Hindenburg’s death.

The other thing I noticed (Thanks to Glenn Beck), that I haven’t noticed too much before is how historians write. I did the same thing in my historical writing as well. There is this urge to include all of the interesting facts I learned I while doing research.

At any rate. I think it’s a good read, it’s not my favorite book on Nazi Germany, but it does offer a different perspective.