4 New Bookcases

Doesn’t that sound great?
Doesn’t it make your heart leap for joy?
I have been on hold for quite a while because our bookcases in the front room were over flowing. Books were literally piled up all over and were falling off onto the floor. The solution? we converted the dining room into a library and added 4 more full sized bookcases.

Since the blessed event, I’ve bought 32 books (Granted a few were gifts to family members, but 27-28 of them will find their way into their new home in our library). Some of these I have already borrowed and read from the library, etc. but I love to own books that are worthy. A few are pre-orders, so books will continue to trickle in for the next couple of months!

What am I most excited to read of my new orders?
1. The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin
2. Hidden Order by Brad Thor
3. Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly

Not to be unfair to the others.

WOW do I have a lot to read! I wish I could read faster!

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