It’s been a while but …

Agenda 21 was pretty great. The story is unfortunately a little too close to reality in Obama’s vision of what America should be. End of Days is set in a very similar setting, but in a slightly less radical way.

Bonhoefer…, by Eric Mataxas was pretty great too.

Empire, by Orson Scott Card, was really good too, but to me it felt like two novels merged together. The beginning of one merged with the end of another. Still, very good. He’s a little naive in his thinking about the ideological war that exists, in the same way Glenn Beck is. We need to call evil by its name. Speaking of saying things the way they are:

Demonic, by Ann Coulter was as awesome. Ann will definitely get her own page later!

The 12th Imam, by Joel Rosenburg was excellent.


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