I’m sure you are wondering …

UPDATE – I just added these!!!

George Washington’s Secret Six by Brian Kilmeade

The United States vs. Santa Claus by Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth

It’s that time of year.

The time when I stop buying books in preparation for Christmas.

So …

What ever is on this list, is safe for you to purchase! šŸ™‚

New Books:
Command Authority by Tom Clancy
Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican by Ann Coulter
Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America by Glenn Beck
History Decoded by Brad Meltzer

New or Very Good (or better) used hardcovers

Brad Thor –
The Lions of Lucerne
Path of the Assassin
State of the Union

Vince Flynn –
Term Limits
American Assassin
Transfer of Power
The Third Option
Separation of Power
Executive Power
Memorial Day
Consent to Kill
Act of Treason
Protect and Defend
Extreme Measures
Pursuit of Honor

Ted Bell –

Joel C Rosenberg –
The Ezekiel Option
The Copper Scroll
Dead Heat
The Twelfth Imam
The Tehran Initiative
Damascus Countdown

Gideon’s War by Howard Gordon

Hard cover or Soft cover: (But you know I love hard covers šŸ™‚ )

Winners Never Cheat by Jon M Huntsman
A Patriot’s History of the United States by Larry Schweikart
48 Liberal Lies About American History by Larry Schweikart
Seven Events That Made America America by Larry Schweikart
Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism by Ronald J. Pestritto

4 New Bookcases

Doesn’t that sound great?
Doesn’t it make your heart leap for joy?
I have been on hold for quite a while because our bookcases in the front room were over flowing. Books were literally piled up all over and were falling off onto the floor. The solution? we converted the dining room into a library and added 4 more full sized bookcases.

Since the blessed event, I’ve bought 32 books (Granted a few were gifts to family members, but 27-28 of them will find their way into their new home in our library). Some of these I have already borrowed and read from the library, etc. but I love to own books that are worthy. A few are pre-orders, so books will continue to trickle in for the next couple of months!

What am I most excited to read of my new orders?
1. The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin
2. Hidden Order by Brad Thor
3. Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly

Not to be unfair to the others.

WOW do I have a lot to read! I wish I could read faster!

It’s been a while but …

Agenda 21 was pretty great. The story is unfortunately a little too close to reality in Obama’s vision of what America should be. End of Days is set in a very similar setting, but in a slightly less radical way.

Bonhoefer…, by Eric Mataxas was pretty great too.

Empire, by Orson Scott Card, was really good too, but to me it felt like two novels merged together. The beginning of one merged with the end of another. Still, very good. He’s a little naive in his thinking about the ideological war that exists, in the same way Glenn Beck is. We need to call evil by its name. Speaking of saying things the way they are:

Demonic, by Ann Coulter was as awesome. Ann will definitely get her own page later!

The 12th Imam, by Joel Rosenburg was excellent.


In the Garden of Beasts

At theĀ insistenceĀ of Glenn Beck, I finally read In the Garden of Beasts. I have to say, it wasn’t full of revelations for me, but it was an interesting look into some Americans living in the early days of Nazi Germany.

The thing that was the most interesting to me was how much the Nazis were in control of the culture so quickly. For some reason, I didn’t really think of the culture being so dominated by the Nazis before Hindenburg’s death.

The other thing I noticed (Thanks to Glenn Beck), that I haven’t noticed too much before is how historians write. I did the same thing in my historical writing as well. There is this urge to include all of the interesting facts I learned I while doing research.

At any rate. I think it’s a good read, it’s not my favorite book on Nazi Germany, but it does offer a different perspective.